For 2010, my New Year’s Resolution is to bake bread at least once a week.

My wife and I are very busy, but we love good bread and we enjoy cooking. So my resolution isn’t just about getting bread: it’s about slowing down, taking time, and doing something fun.

It doesn’t just have to be bread, either. I’m happy to count pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, or any other dough as my weekly bread. This should give me a chance to try out some new recipes, experiment, and eventually perfect some great breads.

About Me

My name is Chas Grundy. I’m a web marketer who blogs at grundyhome.com and works at the University of Notre Dame. I have no formal (or even informal) training in cooking or baking. A lot of what I do in the kitchen is based on watching celebrity chefs on Food Network and the Travel Channel, reading books and blogs, and failing a lot.

This Site

This site runs on WordPress and uses the FreshPick theme from Themelab.com. I post my photos to Flickr.

The fantastic BreadYear logo was designed by my friend, the supremely talented Tim O’Connor (aka Oak). You can read his blog at atimcalledoak.com.

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